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Micromanaging Family and Children Does Not Work – Especially During Divorce

Let’s talk about micromanaging family and especially children, but from a different angle than you may think. We are going to look at a case study, a couple I observed in Court this past week.

For the most part, I very much enjoy what I do for a living. I get to help good people who are going through one of the more difficult chapters of their life. I receive the opportunity to meet husbands and wives who truly need guidance on how to pick up the pieces from a failed marriage and move forward with the love of their children as well as their own personal sanity intact.

Unfortunately, every once in a while I sit in court and watch a husband and wife behave in such a childish manner that I wonder how they ever made it this far in life. I should be thankful that this rarely if ever happens to any of my own clients.

Let me tell you about one husband and wife who, while I waited for my case to be called, could learn a very valuable lesson in common sense. [Continue reading]

Where Do Domestic Violence Victims Turn When Law Enforcement Does Nothing?

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How do you Talk to Children About Custody?

Read most Family Court custody orders and you'll see a couple of lines that discourages the parents from getting the children involved in the divorce and custody disputes. Some orders go as far as stating the parents shall not speak with the children … [Continue reading]

Co-Parenting Between Divorced Spouses Starts With Respect But Not of the Kind You May Think

Think about a marriage. How does a successful one work? Trust - of course. Honesty - that and trust are two peas in a pod. Communication - yes and that includes both listening and sharing. Anything else? The most important thing of course - respect. … [Continue reading]

Divorce and Children. The Unhealthy Connection Between Money and Timeshare

The word "timeshare" isn't just a piece of vacation real estate in the Bahamas. When it comes to children and custody, it's the hours during the week, month and year they spend with each parent. Two parents who share a schedule that allows them to … [Continue reading]